The next generation of keeping food warm – most elegantly via induction.
The advantages are perfectly clear: There's no risk of burning, you no longer need gas fuel and the buffet's room doesn't heat up that much. The only thing you need is a power connection. The rest is child's play.
Karsten Ulloth
Executive Chef Hilton Munich City
The InductWarm system's design is in a class by itself. I've been all over the world and I've never seen anything like this.
This really is a great story of success.
Ludwig Heer
Winner of the Bocuse d'Or Germany
I catched onto it right away and that's why I like it. I work in banguet patch where you use gas fuel and water and it's always such a mess. When I first saw the InductWarm system I knew: I've got to have this!
Konrad Geiger
Bio-Consultant und top class chef
The InductWarm-System is a holistic product, which has a very modern, stylish and lightweight appeal to it.
Heiko Antoniewicz
Show cook, writer and consultant
With the InductWarm system you are now able to present both warm and cold dishes at the same time. Hence you can arrange your buffet much more individually and meet your guest's wishes more precisely.
René Bruno
Executive Chef Empire Riverside Hamburg
The food's presentation is just as important as the dishes itself. Using the InductWarm system your food occupies the centre stage in the most appealing way. I've never seen anything like this. This is best you can get.
Carsten Voigt
Executive Chef Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl

The benefits for you

  • Low cost

    In comparison to previous presentation options, the InductWarm® system will considerably improve your processes and workflows: operation, maintenance and cleaning are all very simple.
  • Consistently fresh meals

    With our InductWarm® system you can keep food gently warmed and free of steam. This means that meals remain fresh for longer periods of time - the highest standards of colour, consistency and nutrients are retained.
  • Elegant design

    Present your creations to your guests in fine porcelain that is freestanding and supported by stylish brushed stainless steel and glass.
  • All-round safety

    The danger of getting burnt, whether by a naked flame or by steam from hot water, is a thing of the past with the InductWarm® system – your guests and employees will be especially appreciative of this.
  • Maximum energy efficiency

    Thanks to induction technology, our InductWarm® system has particularly low energy requirements. With a power consuption of 750W per unit, max. four units can be connected to a single 230V power supply. This enables you to significantly reduce your operational energy costs.
  • Outstanding convenience

    The remote control lets you select the ideal temperature level for each individual dish. The InductWarm® system does not require any preparation time for this and is ready at the touch of a button. The optional casters mean that transporting the InductWarm® table is very straightforward