The next generation of keeping food warm – most elegantly via induction.

InductWarm® 130 Tabletop New

  • InductWarm® tabletop GN 2/3
    InductWarm® 130 Tabletop GN 2/3
    Dimensions: 360 x 390 x 125 mm
    Max. power: 0,75 kW
    Four warming levels

InductWarm® Tabletop

The InductWarm® 130 tabletop model, made from brushed stainless steel, offers you the highest level of flexibility. A single model allows you to present dishes up to a maximum size of GN 2/3. Whether for fitted buffet systems or in catering use, the InductWarm® tabletop model can be placed anywhere within your buffet area. Should your requirements change at short notice, the fact that the InductWarm® system can be operated immediately will be especially useful - the InductWarm® tabletop devices can be very quickly set up and are then ready for keeping dishes warm straightaway.

Using the InductWarm® remote control, you can conveniently select one of four different temperature levels for each of the InductWarm® elements. LEDs will indicate the current operating status at any given time. You can link up two of the handy InductWarm® tabletop models and operate them from a single 230V power outlet. Thanks to its thermally toughened safety glass and non-slip feet, the InductWarm® tabletop model satisfies the most stringent safety requirements.