The next generation of keeping food warm – most elegantly via induction.

InductWarm® Buffet cover

  • InductWarm® buffet cover 1/1
    InductWarm® Buffet cover GN 1/1
  • InductWarm® buffet cover 1/2
    InductWarm® Buffet cover GN 1/2
  • InductWarm® buffet cover 1/3
    InductWarm® Buffet cover GN 1/3

With our InductWarm® Buffet cover you can avoid dishes cooling down and drying out from above. You can therefore conserve the high quality of your dishes, especially during the period between setting up and opening the buffet. Since our InductWarm® system operates entirely without water, the covers retain only the dishes' own moisture - food has never before been able to remain fresh for so long.

Our design means that the covers sit conveniently and lightly on top of the porcelain. Your guests can open the cover with one hand and, if wished, fix them securely in place. To make cleaning easier, the covers can be dismantled in a single movement and are then ready for washing.

With their high-quality stainless steel design, InductWarm® covers are the perfect means of rounding off elegant presentation of dishes in your buffet.