The next generation of keeping food warm – most elegantly via induction.


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BAUSCHER - a brand of BHS tabletop AG

Whether in top German or international restaurants, in catering circles, hospitals or residential homes - Bauscher is recognised as a "global brand of hotel porcelain". At Bauscher, experienced porcelain experts working in Europe's most modern factory manufacture premium products that combine durability, functionality and stability with exceptional design. Our InductWarm® porcelain in particular, with its special coating, relies on Bauscher's latest technology and therefore arrives at your buffet as extremely up to date, high-quality porcelain.

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Thomas Sutter AG

The Thomas Sutter AG is specialized in the planning and production of high quality design furniture. Together with his team, Thomas Sutter supports his customers in terms of wood and interior design. Especially his high-quality wooden tables with the integrated InductWarm® elements create a multifunctional highlight in each household and at each buffet. The customer base of this thriving business also includes companies. You can find this unique furniture in both of his shops; in Appenzell and Rapperswil as well as at the Technopark Zürich.